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Amanda Discusses Working in Play Therapy

Amanda is currently an Associate Therapist at Grow Through Life Counseling, a group private practice providing mental health care to children and adolescents. She is also a Music and Fitness Teacher at San Carlos Preschool and a Member of the California Association for Play Therapy. She serves as President-Elect of the San Diego Branch. She earned a master’s degree in Early Childhood Mental Health from San Diego State University. She also holds a graduate certificate as an Early Childhood Socio-Emotional Behavior Regulation Intervention Specialist (Ec-SEBRIS) from San Diego State University, and she has a bachelor’s degree in Child and Family Development (specializing in Trauma-Informed Care) from San Diego State University--California State University. In this episode, she discusses how she found the field of HDFS and her professional experiences to date. As is true for all interviewees on this podcast, Amanda’s views are her own as a private citizen and do not reflect the views of her current, former, or future employers.

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